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The CLARITY Challenge (Children’s Leadership Award for the Reliable Interpretation and appropriate Transmission of Your genomic information) was a contest initiated by Boston Children’s Hospital. Its goal was to identify best methods and practices for the analysis, interpretation and reporting of individuals’ DNA sequence data, to provide the most meaningful results to clinicians, patients and families.

CLARITY Challenge

As genomic sequencing gets faster and cheaper, the time is approaching when it will become a part of everyday medicine. But the field has not advanced as quickly in understanding how to apply the insights from genomic sequencing to everyday patient care. CLARITY was designed to answer such questions as:

    •  What are the best methods to process the massive amounts of data?
    •  Should the results change how a patient’s care is managed?
    •  How do we present the information so it’s understandable and useful?
    •  When should we report unexpected, incidental findings?
    •  How can we safeguard patient privacy?