Separating the Signal from the Noise:
Establishing the Foundation for Healthcare in 2044

The Boston Children’s Hospital Computational Health Informatics Program is celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year with a Symposium “Separating the Signal from the Noise: Establishing the Foundation for Healthcare in 2044” to be held on Thursday, September 26th at the Harvard Club of Boston.

The event will highlight the twenty-five years of progress in biomedical informatics and our innovations in transforming medicine and public health into computationally-driven disciplines. Our speakers will also highlight where the field is going.

CHIP innovations have transformed the landscape of big data in health care, the use of AI in clinical decision making, and the IT strategies of technology giants. Our discoveries and inventions have been widely adopted across the healthcare ecosystem. To give you a flavor—Apple uses our technology to connect patients to their data at 500 health systems. Google, Microsoft, the VA, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, as well as scores of health systems and technology companies use it too. Our software is reading millions of doctors’ notes across sites of care and surfacing key insights about adverse medication effects. Our leading-edge precision medicine clinics are personalizing choices of therapies for children, many of whom had thought they were out of options. Our biosurveillance computational platforms have been the earliest signals of Ebola outbreaks.

A lively and interactive program will feature Boston Children’s faculty speakers and invited luminaries, discussing a broad array of topics from the health apps economy, to integrative medical genomics and precision medicine, to artificial intelligence in healthcare to precision public health.


We are proud to serve a broad and diverse patient population that often comes to us for answers they can't find anywhere else. This top ranking is a credit and a tribute to our extraordinary and deeply committed clinicians, researchers and so many others who dedicate every day to improving and advancing the health and well-being of all children.

Sandra L. Fenwick, CEO

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