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Contact the Voice and Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Program

For Appointments:
Carmen Villar:  617-355-5116
Fax: 617-730-0320

For Program Information:
Laura Kelly: 781-216-3685
Email: voice.clinic@childrens.harvard.edu

Voice Clinic Evaluation

A typical appointment will take up to two hours, including meeting with an ORL physician and with a Speech Pathologist. The evaluation includes general medical and otolaryngology-specific history and examination performed by Dr. Nuss or Dr. Hseu. A computerized voice analysis is then performed by the speech/voice clinician. We will obtain an acoustic measurement, or digital recording, of your child's voice, which allows for interpretation of fundamental frequency, range, loudness, and other characteristics.

After careful explanation, a videolaryngology is performed and captured digital video images are reviewed with the patient and family. After making an accurate diagnosis, recommendations are made for management of the problem, which may include voice/speech therapy, medical treatment, as well as surgical intervention. We communicate regularly with your referring physician and/or your speech clinician.

Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Evaluation

A child with Velopharyngeal Dysfunction (VPD) may demonstrate difficulties with palatal closure. This may result in air escape through the nose during speech,with a nasal rustling sound and hypernasal resonance. A typical clinical evaluation in the VPD clinic involves a perceptual assessment of speech and resonance by our speech pathologists. This is followed by an evaluation by the ORL physicians (Dr. Nuss or Dr. Hseu) and also one of the plastic surgeons (Dr. Meara or Dr. Rogers). A nasopharyngoscopy is performed, and an accurate diagnosis and recommendations are made.

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