Type 1 Diabetes Program | Patient Resources

It’s essential to remember that while learning that your child is struggling with diabetes can feel very isolating, many children and their families have been down this path before. We’ve helped them, and we can help you, too. 

There are lots of resources available for your family—within Boston Children’s, in the outside community and online.

These include:

Patient education

From the very first visit, our staff will be on hand to walk you through your child’s treatment plan and help answer any questions you may have. And they’ll also reach out to you by phone, continuing the care and support you received while at Boston Children’s.

Parent to parent

Want to talk with someone else whose child has been treated for diabetes? We can put you in touch with other families who have been through similar experiences and can share their stories.

Social work and mental health professionals

Our social workers and mental health clinicians have helped many other families in your situation. We can offer counseling and assistance with issues such as coping with your child’s diagnosis, stresses relating to coping with illness and dealing with financial difficulties.

Helpful links:

Want to learn more about living with diabetes? Here are some good sites:

  • The American Diabetes Association offers the basic facts about diabetes treatment, as well as issues patients and families may face in the months and years ahead.

    • You can also download a blood glucose journal from the ADA.
    • Here’s a page to help you understand how average glucose is measured.
  •  American Association of Diabetes Educators provides tips and education about caring for your child and helping her manage her diabetes.

  • The American Dietetic Association features information about how changes in diet can help control diabetes.

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has set up a public health resource with information about the disease, including research, statistics and educational materials.

  • Children with diabetes promotes understanding of the care and treatment of diabetes, supports families living with it and aims to increase awareness of the need for better diabetes care for children at school and daycare.

  • The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, founded by parents of children with juvenile diabetes, is looking to find a cure for diabetes through research.

  • Kidshealth.org provides information and video for kids and parents in both English and Spanish about diabetes diagnosis and management. It also offers doctor-approved health information about children from before birth through adolescence.

  • The National Diabetes Education Program has information about diabetes, including ways to control and prevent the disease. Information for parents, children and high-risk minority populations is also available, including materials in Spanish, Asian and Pacific Islander languages.

  • TuDiabetes is a social networking site for patients and families affected by diabetes. Includes a data analysis program developed in collaboration with researchers at Children's. Communities in Spanish available are also available.