STEP | Your Visit

Initial Consultation Includes:

  • A medical evaluation by a doctor or nurse practitioner skilled in adolescent medicine and weight management. This evaluation will include a medical exam and often lab work.

  • A behavioral health consultation with a psychologist experienced in adolescent weight management who will discuss topics such as self-esteem, emotional issues, support networks, and coping skills.

  • A nutrition evaluation with an adolescent-focused dietitian who will help to create a personalized plan and answer questions about food and eating.

  •  A questionnaire that we use to learn more about you and to better address your concerns.

  • An assessment for eligibility for gym scholarships and/or an evaluation by our Sports Medicine colleagues.

This comprehensive assessment will help us get to know you so we can work together to create an individualized treatment plan.  Initial appointments will last between 2 and 3 hours. 

Follow-Up Appointments:

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled every 4-8 weeks and will include a medical and nutrition appointment.  Follow-up appointments last approximately 1 hour.