Sports Medicine Ultrasound Clinic | Types of Guided Injections


Tenotomy is used to help heal a chronic tendon injury that has not improved with conservative non-surgical treatment. The procedure involves an ultrasound-guided injection to a specific tendon. The purpose is to break up scar tissue, ease pain and increase blood flow to the area.

Your doctor may recommend tenotomy after completing a thorough physical and a diagnostic ultrasound evaluation of the tendon. Tenotomy may be recommended if the physician sees degeneration, tendinopathy or disruption of the tendon on ultrasound.

DO NOT take any anti-inflammatory medication 14 days prior to the injection.

Please bring a person who can give you a safe ride home. We do not recommend driving for at least 24 hours after an ultrasound-guided injection. 

Your doctor may recommend additional ultrasound-guided injections with tenotomy. These include platelet rich plasma injection (PRP), autologous blood injection and corticoid steroid injection.

•   A PRP injection uses a concentrated blood sample that contains high levels of platelets, a critical component of the
    wound-healing process.

•   Autologous blood injection injects a patient’s own blood back into the area of the tendon that has chronic tendonitis
    or tendinopathy. The purpose is to initiate a physiological response to promote healing.