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If your curve shows significant worsening or is already greater than 25-30°, and you are still growing, your physician may recommend a bracing program.

A scoliosis brace is designed especially for you and your particular curve. It works by holding your spine in a straighter position while you are growing. The purpose is to try and partially correct your curve or prevent it from increasing.

Boston Children’s participated in the Bracing in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (BrAIST) trial, which demonstrated that many patients who comply with a bracing program — typically wearing the brace for 12 to 21 hours daily — can be successfully treated without surgery. Boston Children's Spinal Program offers the following bracing programs:

•   Boston Brace
•   Charleston
•   TriaC
•   SpineCor
•   Kalabas

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