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The Spina Bifida and Spinal Cord Conditions Center at Boston Children’s Hospital is world-renowned for its expert surgeons, pioneering spina bifida treatments, advanced spina bifida research and personalized care plans. Our approach is a collaborative team effort among specialists committed to making a difference for every child in our care. Families come to Boston Children’s from throughout the country for the peace of mind that their child is getting the best care for the best start in life.

A diagnosis of spina bifida is a life altering one. Your child will have very specific needs at each stage of his or her life. Our experts are with you every step of the way, helping you make informed decisions about advanced surgical treatments, ongoing therapies, daily challenges and the transition to adulthood.

We offer total care and testing and treatment in one comprehensive and multidisciplinary Center, for all spina bifida related conditions including: meningocele, lipomyelomeningocele, myelomeningocele, neural tube defects, chiari malformations, tethered cords, scoliosis, clubfoot and other bone deformities.

Spina Bifida: Why Choose Boston Children’s Hospital

Our center has a long and rich history of being at the forefront of surgical advancements and provides a uniquely comprehensive approach to care. We offer:

  • Highest-ranked programs in the country: Boston Children’s Hospital is  #1 in neurology and neurosurgery, #1 in orthopedics and #1 in urology in the U.S., according to U.S. News & World Report. All of these specialties play a role in our Spina Bifida Center.
  • Pioneering treatments: Our center and its surgeons are world renowned for groundbreaking spina bifida treatments such as ETV/CPC—a procedure that provides an alternative to shunts and greatly improves quality of life.
  • Extensive, coordinated team care: We are one of only a few clinics nationally to provide extensive coordination among specialties. Our spina bifida team is made up of experts in neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics, physical therapy, neuropsychology, social work and many other specialties. We work together toward the common goal of health and wellness for every child. Meet our spina bifida experts.
  • Advanced imaging and testing: Pediatric specialists provide prenatal and postnatal spina bifida testing that offers important clarity about your child’s condition, helping you make informed decisions during an otherwise chaotic time.
  • Compassionate prenatal care: Our Advanced Fetal Care Center (AFCC) provides prenatal consultation from a team of specialists focused on spina bifida as well as coordination with obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine to plan your delivery and immediate post-natal care.
  • Age-appropriate, personalized services: Boston Children’s Hospital is the only spina bifida center in New England that treats adults. We provide transition care for adult spina bifida, up to age 35, helping patients with spina bifida move into adulthood and toward independence.
  • Comprehensive urodynamics program: Our urodynamics center is the largest, most advanced of its kind. Nowhere else in the world do patients receive such comprehensive and coordinated evaluations by a neurologist and urologist team to accurately measure your child’s bladder function and its connection to the central nervous system. These assessments can help determine when and if a surgical procedure is necessary.
  • On-site orthotics: Patients and families living with spina bifida don't have to travel far in search of customized orthotics. The National Orthotics & Prosthetics Company (NOPCO) Brace Shop, an independent store located at the hospital campus, makes everything from special spinal supports to prosthetic limbs and cranial helmets.
  • Family-centered care: Above all, we are dedicated to providing emotional and educational support for your entire family by monitoring your child’s progress against developmental milestones and providing support to your whole family.

Learn more about our promising spina bifida research.

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Boston Children’s is so much more than a hospital—it’s a community of researchers, clinicians, administrators, support staff, innovators, teachers, patients and families, all working together to make the impossible possible. ”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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