Rheumatology Program | Research and Innovation

As one of the largest programs of its kind in the world, the Rheumatology Program at Boston Children’s Hospital is actively involved in studies that are improving the way children with inflammatory diseases are treated.

The following clinicians at Boston Children’s are conducting the most current research projects related to immunological disorders:

  • Robert C. Fuhlbrigge, MD, PhD, studies the development of immune memory and the mechanisms regulating leukocyte homing, or how immune cells find their way from the blood to tissues.
  • Peter Nigrovic, MD studies how arthritis begins. His laboratory investigates the role of antibodies and immune cells in triggering inflammation within joints, looking for new opportunities to intervene in order to improve treatment.
  • Robert Sundel, MD studies novel therapies for pediatric inflammatory disorders, especially vasculitis and arthritis. In addition, he is working on methods for improving the quality of care of children with rheumatologic disorders, and ways to better educate student doctors to care for these children.