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Understanding Pathways To and Away From Violence Among Resettled Somali Youth



In the past few years, there has been much talk on national and international news about links between refugee/immigrant youth and violence. This discussion has often taken place without the voices of those who are most affected by the violence and its aftermath: the refugee and immigrant communities themselves.

This has been especially true of the Somali community. Our decade-long partnership with the Somali community has allowed us to understand that the community itself has identified youth violence as an important issue. We have built our research program upon the idea that the Somali community has a central stake in preventing violence among its youth, as well as in identifying and countering such actions and/or ideologies..

The Project:

Our ultimate goal is to work with our community partners, our greatest assets, to identify community resources that can help strengthen social bonds and build capacity, allowing community members themselves to become knowledgeable, skillful and respected partners in addressing the threat of violence.

We are currently conducting a mixed-method longitudinal study of young Somalis in the United States and in Canada to better understand pathways to and away from violence. We ultimately hope to better understand the factors that promote or prevent violence among refugees, as well as the role that communities play, to create a model for the prevention and intervention of refugee violence.

Policy Brief:

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Meet the Team

Investigators: Dr. Heidi Ellis (Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School); Saida Abdi (Boston Children’s Hospital/Boston University); Matthew White (Boston Children’s Hospital); John Horgan (UMass Lowell); Alisa Lincoln (Northeastern University); Jessica Stern (Harvard School of Public Health)

Boston Team
: (Left to right):
Colleen Barrett,  Sara Bravmann,  Saida Abdi,  Naima Agalab,  Timothy Argetsinger,  Vanja Lazarevic,  Osob Issa


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