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At any given time, Boston Children’s Hospital has hundreds of clinical trials underway. Clinical trials currently available through the Preventive Cardiology Clinic include:

POOL Study: We are conducting a study that examines health and weight, and will lead to better treatments for our patients. If your child enrolls, he or she would have a physical exam, blood/urine/saliva samples taken and a harmless pulse measurement. There are two three-hour study visits. You will receive a $50 Target gift card after the first visit and a $100 gift card after the second visit, along with a free parking/MBTA vouchers.

FITT Study: This study measures physical activity levels via an armband accelerometer. Your child may need to wear this device for 12 weeks, which will track his/her activity level on your computer. You and your child will also receive personal advice on exercise routines from exercise specialists. There are only two brief study visits and we’ll provide you with a $15 and $50 Best Buy gift card if you complete both visits, along with free parking/MBTA vouchers.

Stiff Blood Vessels in Adolescents Study: Stiff blood vessels in adults predict heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. We want to understand the biology of how stiffening starts in youth. The study is a single 45-minute visit including a blood draw, an ultrasound picture of the heart and a pulse test where a plastic finger-tip sized device is placed on the skin over the arm, neck and top of the leg. Participants receive $50 cash plus free parking/MBTA/taxi vouchers. Visits can be combined with clinic visits, where clinical labs can be drawn at the same time.

CAP/Fatty Liver Study: To investigate the effect of statins on fatty liver disease as well as whether a new imaging method can be used to assess fat accumulation in the liver, patients will undergo abdominal MRIs and specialized ultrasound measurements using the FibroScan® device. Overweight patients with an LDL >160mg/dL are eligible either at their first clinic visit OR as statins are prescribed. Free parking/MBTA vouchers are available.

HEARYA Study: The goal of this study is to learn more about patient and parent preferences with respect to lipid screening and treatment. Participation includes a onetime two-hour focus group visit where health professionals will ask questions about thoughts on health, factors that influence decisions and what info is needed to make those decisions. Compensation includes a $25 gift card and free parking/MBTA vouchers.

Left Ventricular Mass Study: We will perform a few harmless tests on your child: a brief physical exam, an ultrasound, a short DEXA scan where he/she lies down on a scanner and a five-minute BIA scan to measure electricity in his/her body. This study only takes one to two hours to complete and you will receive a $25 Best Buy gift card and free parking/MBTA vouchers.

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