Precision Medicine Service

What is our precision medicine service?

Our precision medicine service uses genetics to inform care for children, including those with a disease or disorder that is rare, difficult to diagnose or likely genetic. Our services aim to help children and their parents receive an earlier diagnosis, better understand their condition, get the best care and identify best available treatment options.

What does our service offer?

Through genetic testing and review of genetic testing results, in some cases our service can provide a diagnosis, which is often the first step in choosing treatment for genetic syndromes, diseases or disorders.

However, most rare genetic-based conditions do not have a known treatment at this time. In these cases, we can help rule out other causes, avoid unnecessary treatments and connect your child to clinical trials and research studies.

Whether our service can make a diagnosis or not, our genetic specialists and pediatric rare disease experts can make medical recommendations that are best suited to your child’s unique condition.