Pilonidal Care Program | 1st Visit What to Expect

Getting Here:  
Our administrative assistant will mail you a three page intake survey (or it will be emailed to you) that covers all of the previous care you have received for pilonidal disease. Please fill this out in its entirety prior to arriving. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

Our Pilonidal Care Program is at Boston Children’s Hospital at Waltham (9 Hope Avenue, Waltham). The Multi Specialty Clinic is on 2 East (2nd Floor, East Wing) of the main building. Please check in at the front desk.

Your Child's Exam:
Once you are called into the exam room, the nurse or clinical assistant may obtain your child's height, weight and vital signs. You will then be seen by physician assistant Hajar Delshad and Dr. David Mooney. A thorough history and physician examination will be done, and a treatment plan specifically tailored for your child’s condition will be made.

At anytime, please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff for assistance or information. Follow-up instructions will be made at the time of your visit (next clinic return, when to call us, etc). You can also reach the medical team via email at any time. All of our patients are entered into a database so that we can research what works best for this type of this disease. Therefore, you will be sent follow-up surveys periodically to inquire about the health of your child. Please fill these out promptly, as they will help us develop better treatment plans for our patients in the future.