Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis And Related Disorders Program | Meet our Team

Our Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders Program at Boston Children’s Hospital brings together a multi-disciplinary team of specialists who provide expert medical care and comprehensive support for your child and family.

Our program is led by Mark Gorman, MD, who is one of the few physicians in the United States who has completed fellowship training in both Pediatric Neurology and Multiple Sclerosis.

Mark Gorman, MD, Neurologist

Leslie Benson, MD, Neurology Attending

Ferne Pinard PhD, Neuropsychologist

Lauren Mednick, PhD, Psychologist

Lisa Duffy, CRNP, Neurology nurse practitioner

Kitty Petty, MEd, MA, LMHC, Educational Liaison

Kerry Matthews, RN

Natalia Pavlova, RN

Natalie Raeder, Program Coordinator

Susana Camposano, MD, Research Coordinator