Pediatric Health Services Research Fellowship | Fellows

2018-2020 Fellows:
Laura Amar-Dolan, MD
Alejandra Barrero-Castillero, MD
Elise Tremblay, MD

2017-2019 Fellows:
Jonathan Dunlap, MD
Maya Ilowite, MD
Olivia Lindly, MPH, PhD
Camila Mateo, MD
Hsin-Hsiao Scott Wang, MD, MPH
Rachel Whooten, MD

Laura Amar-Dolan MD.

Dr. Amar-Dolan is a critical care fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is interested in improving the transition of care from ICU to home.

Alejandra (Ale) Barrero-Castillero MD, MPH.

Dr. Barrero-Castillero is a neonatology fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is interested in the impact of parental stress on neonatal outcomes and whether/how this relationship is different in immigrant populations.

Elise Tremblay MD.

Dr. Tremblay is a pediatric endocrinology fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital. She is interested in racial/ethnic disparities in type 1 diabetes care, particularly in the Latino population.

Jonathon Dunlap MD.

Jonathan Dunlap is a general surgery resident at Brigham and Women's Hospital who will explore disparities in access to pediatric surgical care.

Maya Ilowite MD.

Maya Ilowite is an oncologist who is interested in researching disparities in pediatric oncology care, particularly with regard to impact on medication adherence and survivorship care. (IHI)

Olivia Lindly MPH, PhD.

Olivia Lindly Completed her doctoral degree in public health at Oregon State University. She plans to focus on disparities in care for youth with developmental disabilities.

Camila Mateo MD.

Camila Mateo is a general pediatrician whose research will focus on addressing racial/ethnic disparities in child health.

Hsin-Hsiao Scott Wang MD, MPH.

Hsin-Hsiao Scott Wang is a pediatric urologist interested in modeling outcomes of pediatric urologic care in order to best inform decision-making.

Heather Hsu MD, MPH.

Dr. Hsu is a pediatric hospitalist with interest and experience in decision sciences who will apply and advance these methods to address complex clinical decisions and disparities in care. She will be based at HPHC Dept of Population Medicine, working with Dr. Grace Lee.

Rachel Whooten MD.

Rachel Whooten is a pediatric endocrinologist, who is interested in childhood physical activity behaviors and the role of the primary care clinician in counseling. (IHI)