Pathology | Surgical Pathology Laboratory

The Surgical Pathology Laboratory strives to provide our patients with quality service by handling all surgical specimens from onsite and satellite locations in an accurate and timely fashion. The team consists of the Pathology Supervisor, a certified Pathologist’s Assistant, two Pathology Technicians, a Research Assistant, and a Lab Assistant. The team members work collaboratively to accession and dissect a variety of surgical specimens ranging from slides and biopsies to complex tumor resections. These specimens are then processed and prepared for pathological examination. The team also oversees the triage, handling, and transfer of any specimens requiring additional outside testing. As this team is tasked with the initial handling of these specimens, a major point of focus for the team is the review of all specimen containers and requisition forms to ensure that they are properly and clearly labeled for each patient.

Even though the Surgical Pathology Laboratory does not have a direct interaction with patients, we still seek to accomplish the same goal as doctors and nurses: to provide exceptional care to all of our patients and their families.

Our team: Rosemarie Tavares Proulx (Supervisor), Amanda Aronhalt, Daveth Cheth, Keisha Matthew, Yvonne Noel, Christopher Schotmiller and Toni Smith.