Optimal Wellness for Life (OWL) Program | OWL on the Water

OWL on the Water helps kids find a love of exercise

OWL on the Water (OOTW) is a unique rowing-based exercise program designed to help kids with weight challenges discover their inner athlete in a supportive team environment. The program is open to OWL patients aged 11 1/2 and older, and participants must maintain active participation in the Optimal Weight for Life (OWL) Clinic Program to remain eligible. We offer 4 sessions each year. The main goals are to foster an enjoyment of exercise while improving fitness for health. 

For more information about OWL on the Water please contact Sarah Picard at sarah.picard@childrens.harvard.edu or Steven Coletti at 617-919-6566 or steven.coletti@childrens.harvard.edu. To schedule appointments in the OWL Clinic (required for participation in OOTW) please call 617-355-5159.