Boston Children’s Nursing Department invests in building and supporting programs that facilitate structural empowerment and are committed to growing a diverse professional workforce, such as:

Career Lattice ProgramThe Career Lattice Program:
An educational and professional bridge that provides clinical assistants, administrative staff, and other racially and ethnically diverse hospital employees who want to purse a career in nursing with academic counseling, mentoring and financial support.  Learn more about the program under our Professional Development page.

Multicultural Nursing Forum:
Almost a decade ago, the Nursing Department determined that there as a need for minority and culturally and ethnically diverse nurses to come together and apply their shared perspectives to issues such as: recruitment and retention of diverse nurses, educating colleagues about culturally appropriate care and making the work environment a respectful place for people of all backgrounds and cultures. To put this into action, the Multicultural Nurses Forum was created in November of 2007. As the work of this group continues to expand, we look forward to having a strong network of diverse nurses who will make meaningful contributions to the care we provide to patients and families.

Ethnic Nurses Organizations: 
Boston Children’s is committed to organizations that support diversity in the nursing profession. For more than 10 years, our nurses have been recognized for their commitment and excellence by the New England Regional Black Nurses Association (NERBNA). Our nurses show their commitment to ensuring an inclusive working environment by being actively involved in ethnic nursing associations, such as NERBNA, the National Association of Hispanic Nurses and the Philippine Nurses Association of New England. The hospital actively supports nurses who are members of these organizations through their local chapter activities.