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The New York Times
To investigate whether a picky eater could be transformed, Dr. David Ludwig, director of the NBFOPC and Sally Sampson, cookbook author and founder of Chop Chop Magazine, took on a family whose dinner table was ruled by their picky eaters. Over six weeks, Dr. Ludwig and Sally worked with the children’s parents to take back the dinner table. They encouraged parents to state the new rules, to talk about where real food comes from (nature, not a factory), and to involve the kids in meal prep!
1/15/14 Reforming a Picky Eater, Step One: Children Don’t Control the Family Meal

ABC News
9/25/12: Weight-Loss Benefits From Cutting Out Sugary Drinks Short-Lived

CBS News
9/22/12: Swapping sugary drinks out of teens' homes curbs weight gain, study finds

New York Times
9/22/12: Avoiding Sugared Drinks Limits Weight Gain in Two Studies

9/21/12: Studies more firmly tie sugary drinks to obesity

Health Day
9/21/12: Kids Gain Weight With Sugary Drinks, Genes May Contribute: Studies
Supplying alternatives like water, diet drinks made a difference

MedPage Today
9/12/12: Cutting Sugary Drinks Does Cut Weight Gain

NBC Latino
9/21/12: Study: Latino kids should ditch soda to lose more weight

NBC Nightly News
9/21/12: Sugary drinks linked to obesity
9/21/12: Yes, you can get your kids to cut out the sodas – and gain less

9/21/12: Can it! Soda studies cite stronger link to obesity

USA Today
9/21/12: Teens who cut out sugary drinks slowed weight gain

Wall Street Journal
9/21/12: Studies Add Fuel to Sugary-Drinks Ban Debate

9/21/12: Sugary Drinks and Weight Gain Linked

The New York Times
7/17/12: Letters: Diet Study Authors Reply

In Dieting, Magic Isn’t a Substitute for Science

New England Cable News
“The Morning Show”
7/10/2012: Dr. Ludwig: ‘All calories are not alike’

“On Point”
7/5/2012: New Research On Carbs

National Public Radio 
“Talk of the Nation”
7/3/2012: Debate Revived: Low-Carb Or Low-Fat Diet?

Men’s News Daily
7/1/2012: Taubes: What Really Makes Us Fat

CBS This Morning Google+ Hangout
6/29/2012: Not All Calories Are Created Equal - A Discussion
6/29/2012: Are all calories equal for weight loss? Not so say researchers
Food Republic
Vegetarians, Carb Lovers & Coke Fans Beware

CBS This Morning
6/27/2012: Interview with Dr. David Ludwig
6/27/2012: Study: All Calories Are Not Created Equal

6/27/2012: Good Science/Bad Science: Contrasting Papers On Dietary Composition In JAMA And BMJ

Harvard Gazette
6/27/2012: When a calorie is not just a calorie
6/27/2012: Not all calories are the same, new research finds

The Los Angeles Times
6/27/2012: A calorie isn't a calorie: What one man learned from diet study

6/27/2012: Calorie vs. Calorie: Study Evaluates Three Diets for Staying Slim

WCVB TV Channel 5
6/27/2012: New study: Foods that are best for weight loss

6/26/2012For Calories, It’s All About Quality Over Quantity, Harvard Study Says
6/26/2012: Low-Fat Diet Cuts Energy Output, Signals Weight Regain

Bloomberg News
6/26/2012: Low-Fat Diet After Weight Loss May Raise Risk of Gain

The Boston Globe 
6/26/2012Right diet, not just reduced calories, could help maintain weight loss, study finds

CBC (Canada)
6/26/2012: Keeping weight off depends on carbohydrates

HealthDay News
6/26/2012: Certain Diets May Help Body Burn More Calories: Study

The Huffington Post
6/26/2012: Diet Type Changes Quantity Of Calories Burned: Study

Internal Medicine News
6/26/2012: Three Weight-Loss Diets Yield Three Metabolic Effects

Ivanhoe Newswire 
6/26/2012: The “Low-Glycemic Index Diet”: A Better Way to Lose Weight?

6/26/2012: When Dieting, Not All Calories Are Created Equal

The Los Angeles Times
6/26/2012: It's not just how many calories, but what kind, study finds

6/26/2012: Low-fat, Low-glycemic And Low-carb Diets Compared

MedPage Today
6/26/2012: Yo-Yo Weight Gain Linked to Low-Fat Diet (via MyHealthNewsDaily)
6/26/2012: Low-carb diets may burn the most calories

The Wall Street Journal
Not All Calories Equal, Study Shows

6/26/2012: All Calories Not Created Equal, Study Suggests

USA Today
6/26/2012: Low-carb diet burns the most calories in small study

Men’s Fitness
Are Calories From Fat, Protein and Carbs Equal?

The New York Times 
Opinionator: Which Diet Works?

The New York Times
What Really Makes Us Fat

6/29/2012: TODAY broadcast a segment with Joy Bauer, TODAY’s nutrition expert, about the study and its findings.
6/29/2012: Low-fat, low-carb, or low-glycemic? Study shows which is best to keep weight off

Psychology Today
6/7/2012: Jack Sprat, His Wife, and The Atkins Diet

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