Motility and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Center | Treatments

Families from all over the world come to the Motility and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Center at Boston Children’s Hospital for a clear diagnosis of their child’s condition and a personalized plan for their ongoing treatment. Most of our patients have complex illnesses and have been referred to our GI motility center by other pediatric gastroenterologists, pediatric surgeons or primary care pediatricians.

Our advanced GI motility testing provides many clues to your child’s condition. However, our doctors do more than analyze test results—they also listen to you and your child. Our world-renowned GI specialists, surgeons, dieticians, psychiatrists and social workers will look at all the issues related to your child’s wellbeing and provide the support necessary to get him or her back to a more normal life. Meet our GI motility team.

What is a medicine-based approach?

A medicine-based approach does not mean we don’t perform surgeries. However, only 10-30 percent of our patients will require a surgical procedure. For these procedures we partner with the world-renowned surgeons at Boston Children’s. Our medicine-based and biopsychosocial approach to care means that our doctors seek to better understand and address the many biological, emotional, and social challenges your child may be experiencing as a result of their symptoms—before, during and long after any surgical procedure is provided.

GI motility treatment at Boston Children’s: Our approach

We are the only GI motility center in the country that offers a unique combination of programs covering all facets of functional GI disorders—from related respiratory issues and abdominal pain to sleep and speech issues.

Learn more about our comprehensive programs:

  • Advanced GI Motility Program: Specialists provide advanced testing and treatment for complex motility problems.
  • Aerodigestive Program: Pulmonary and aerodigestive specialists see patients with chronic respiratory problems that may be caused by underlying gastrointestinal issues.
  • Colorectal Program: Our colorectal team, spanning a variety of specialties, such as urology, provides outstanding care to patients with colorectal disorders in a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Functional Abdominal Pain Program: Our program team includes a GI specialist, psychologist, pain specialist, social worker, nutritionist and physical therapist and focuses on a biopsychosocial approach to the treatment of children with chronic abdominal pain. 

The world’s most advanced GI motility treatments

Patients and their families from all over the world come to Boston Children’s GI Motility Center seeking relief from common and complex motility problems. These issues range from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and constipation to Hirschsprung's disease, pseudo-obstruction and achalasia. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, our GI motility team has been a leader in new treatment therapies for these conditions, including:

  • Botox injections for gastroparesis, constipation and post-surgical defecation disorders in Hirschsprung’s disease
  • Ultrasound-guided injections for the treatment of abdominal cutaneous entrapment syndrome (ACNES)
  • Antegrade colonic enemas for children with colorectal disorders
  • Sleep therapies
  • Feeding therapies and swallowing studies
  • Use of new medications

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For an appointment, more information or to obtain a second opinion for your child, please contact the Motility and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Center at 617-355-6055 or request an appointment online.