Injured Runner Clinic | Injury Prevention Tips

Whether you’re a casual runner or are training for a marathon, it’s important to know how to safely prevent injuries. Since each body is unique, these tips aren’t meant to take the place of professional assessment, but to offer general information on safety and prevention.

  • Keep tabs on how well hydrated you are. Runners should lose around 2 percent of water weight from a long run, so weigh yourself (stripped down) before and after your run to monitor the change. If you’ve gained weight, you may be drinking too much water, which can be dangerous.
  • Replenish your muscles with protein as soon as possible after a run. Chocolate milk can help replenish muscles with protein, carbohydrates and calcium after a high-endurance workout.
  • Take time to fully recover.

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If you are a healthy runner looking for an evaluation, please refer to The Micheli Center for Injury Prevention for further injury prevention programs.

What running mistakes lead to injury?

Your running form, the way you move your feet in relation to your legs and hips, can help you run efficiently or put you at risk of injury.