Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmia Program

The Inherited Cardiac Arrhythmia Program, at the the #1 ranked children's hospital, is a clinical, research and educational program focused on investigating and managing patients with inherited arrhythmic and sudden cardiac arrest syndromes. The key to understanding these clinical disease states, and the genetics behind them, is a comprehensive evaluation of all family members. Please contact us today for a consultation or second opinion.

Dominic Abrams, MD, of the Cardi­ology Department at Boston Children's Hospital, is developing a new approach to treating inherited diseases.

To provide state-of-the-art interpretation of clinical and genetic investigations, the program is seeking to develop novel research strategies into the detection of genetic mechanisms, clinical manifestations and treatment options for families affected by inherited arrhythmia.

Drawing from clinical successes of multidisciplinary clinical services in Europe, Boston Children’s has developed a unique program that ensures:

  • Individuals and families can obtain a detailed evaluation, discussion and formulation of an integrated family plan in a single visit.
  • There is close interaction with primary care physicians, pediatricians, cardiologists (and medical examiners), including written and verbal consulting and consents.

To facilitate the goals of the Inherited Arrhythmia Program, Dr. Abrams, along with his colleagues at Boston Children’s and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, began the Family Arrhythmia Clinic.