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Publications and Research

Preparing For Your Visit

Planning a visit to the Orthopedic Center? Check out our Your Orthopedic Visit page for helpful information on what you can expect.

Cast Care and Maintenance

Patient Stories

'Love for Alyssa': Examining arthrogryposis
CNN.com, July 2, 2012
Arthrogryposis has presented many challenges to Alyssa Jadyn Hagstrom. At just 8 years old, the condition has left her with no use of her legs and arms, and limited use of her fingers.

Kevin Egan: Our right hand man

For more patient stories, and news articles, featuring our orthopedic team, please visit our News and Publications page.

Brochures and fact sheets

Hand & Orthopedic Upper Extremity Program brochure (pdf 312kb)

PDF fact sheets of hand and upper extremity conditions and treatments:

Arthrygryposis Polydactyly
Cleft Hand Radial club hand
Clinodactyly Radioulnar synostosis
Constriction band syndrome Symbrachydactyly
Enchondroma Syndactyly
Macrodactyly Thumb duplication
Madelung's deformity Thumb hypoplasia & aplasia
Osteochondroma Ulnar club hand

External Resources

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