Food Allergy Program | Research

Boston Children's Hospital has a long, distinguished tradition in research. This commitment to studying the diseases we treat allows us to better understand their causes, and in turn, develop new treatments for the conditions that our clinicians see every day.

Boston Children's has been on the forefront of food allergy research for years. Notably, Dale Umetsu, MD, PhD, and Lynda Schneider, MD, have made significant strides in understanding and treating food allergy.  In their desensitization studies, children with food allergies are first exposed to trace amounts of their food allergen in a safe environment. Over the course of a few months, the children are then exposed to increasingly larger dosages of the food and in time the child's immune system learns to tolerate the food, allowing her to eventually enjoy eating the food that once triggered allergic reaction.  These desensitizations have been successfully performed for children with severe milk and peanut allergies.   

Laboratory researchers in the Division of Allergy and Immunology, led by Talal Chatila, MD, Hans Oettgen MD, PhD, and Dale Umetsu, MD, PhD are also performing cutting-edge investigations on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of food allergy.  Their work will allow them to generate new ideas for food allergy prevention, develop new approaches to safe desensitization (and ultimately a cure) for many food allergies.

To learn more about this exciting research, read this blog.

If you are interested in learning about how you or your child could partake in food allergy research at Boston Children's, please call 617-355-6127 and speak with a study coordinator.