Female Athlete Conference

Every two years, we host the Female Athlete Conference, bringing together athletes, coaches, trainers, physicians, and anyone involved in the health and wellness of female athletes. The Female Athlete Conference promotes awareness of the unique physiology of female athletes and treatment best practices. The only conference of its kind, the biennial event also increases collaboration between clinicians and helps advance research in the relatively new field of sports medicine for female athletes.

Female Athlete Conference

At the Female Athlete Conference, providers, researchers, trainers, coaches, and parents came together to improve the health and performance of female athletes.


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Female Athlete Conference 2019

Thursday, June 6, 2019, 7:00 AM - Saturday, June 8, 2019, 1:00 PM

Babson College

231 Forest Street

Babson Park, MA 

The 2019 Female Athlete Conference is a global event designed to present strategies to prevent and treat clinical issues and injuries specific to female athletes. As girls and young women become more empowered through sports, it is important to advance research on how sex and gender differences affect their performance and overall sports experience. With research advancements in mind, the Female Athlete Conference centers on the specific health issues that make female athletes unique. Experts in sports medicine, sports psychology, sports science, nutrition, and sports culture present strategies to prevent and treat clinical issues and injuries that can limit a female athlete's performance.

This interactive conference improve attendees’ awareness and comfort level in managing salient issues for the modern female athlete (ex. anger management, transition out of sport, empowerment, female-specific equipment, fertility) in addition to providing updates and state-of-the-art information about more traditional topics (ex. ACL updates, new concussion and head injury information, injury rehabilitation, female athlete triad) and more. This conference is meant to share the science and provide networking opportunities to improve female athletes’ training, confidence, and motivation to advance their success on and off the field.