Epilepsy Center Outside epilepsy resources

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Please note that neither Boston Children’s Hospital nor the Epilepsy Program at Boston Children’s unreservedly endorses all of the information found at the sites listed below.

  • The Epilepsy Foundation offers information and support to families; it also funds research.

  • The Epilepsy Therapy Project (epilepsy.com) offers information and support to the community of families living with epilepsy.

  • The American Epilepsy Society promotes research and education for health professionals.

  • The National Association of Epilepsy Centers promotes care for epilepsy. Its members are specialized epilepsy centers around the United States.

A number of resources offer information on the ketogenic diet:

  • The Charlie Foundation is a group dedicated to providing information and support on the ketogenic diet.

  • Matthew’s Friends is a website written by parents.

  • The Epilepsy Therapy Project (epilepsy.com) includes information on the ketogenic diet.

  • The book The Ketogenic Diet: A Treatment for Epilepsy by John Freeman, M.D., Millicent Kelly, R.D. and Jennifer Freeman gives a comprehensive description.

  • Keto Kid by Deborah Snyder is a book written from a parent’s perspective.

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