Emergency Dental Care

The Department of Dentistry at Boston Children's Hospital provides emergency dental care to children, newborn to age 18, who have dental problems that require immediate treatment.

How To Reach Boston Children's During Normal Clinic Hours


Depending on your child's condition, our receptionist will either have you speak with one of our dentists or will schedule an appointment for you to bring in your child as soon as possible. Calling ahead will help us prepare for your visit and will minimize your waiting time when you arrive at our office.

How To Reach Boston Children's After Normal Clinic Hours


Ask to speak with the dentist on-call, then leave your phone number with the page operator for a return call or be placed on "hold" to be connected with the dentist directly.


Emergency Room Treatment

300 Longwood Avenue, First floor

Our dentist on-call may be able to advise you on how to manage the problem at home. However, if our dentist on-call decides that your child's condition requires immediate treatment, you will be told to come to the Emergency Room at Boston Children's for evaluation. Calling ahead will enable the dentist to meet you promptly in the Emergency Room and will minimize your waiting time.