Down Syndrome Program Allen C Crocker Speaker Series

The Allen C. Crocker Speaker Series is designed to provide quality information from experts on a range of topics related to Down syndrome.  The talks are presented monthly at Boston Children’s Hospital and are open to the public.

The talks are created to provide information for families but are also relevant to providers and other community members.   The talks are simultaneously webcast and recorded so can be watched in real-time from anywhere with internet access (allowing remote viewers to participate in questions and answers at the end of the talk) and are archived on our website for future viewing.

There are THREE ways to access these monthly presentations!  You can't ever "miss" a presentation!

1.  Come and participate in person!

2.  Watch LIVE ONLINE from the link below!

3.  Watch the recording after it takes place, at your own leisure!

  • The Series takes place once a month.
  • Schedules for presentation may vary month to month so please make note of dates and times.
  • All talks will be held in the Folkman Auditorium at Children's Hospital in Boston.
  • Everyone is welcome to attend these free talks.
  • The link for LIVE viewing is:   Allen C. Crocker Speaker Series


August 30th 6:30pm - What Happens After High School?: Psychological, Medical, and Personal Perspectives on Transition Planning presented by Dr. Marie Reilly and Dr. Amy Young.

September 27th 6:30pm - When It’s More Than Just Down Syndrome: Co-occurring Neurodevelopmental Disabilities​ presented by Dr. Nicole Baumer.

October 25th 6:30pm -  Topic: Nutrition!   more info coming soon!

November 19th 6:30pm -  Topic:  Gross Motor Skills!   more info coming soon!

December 13th 6:30pmSpeech, Language, and Communication: Promoting Early Communication Development & Considerations for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) by Mia Grossman and Elizabeth Rose.

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Vision Issues and Down Syndrome

Orthodontic Care

Thyroid Dysfunction and Down Syndrome

Orthopedic Concerns in Children with DS

Celiac Disease

Hearing and Audiologic Concerns in Children with DS

Dental Issues in Down Syndrome/Orthodontics and Down Syndrome

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Down Syndrome

Health Care Guidelines for People with DS

Complex Medical Needs and DS

Infantile Spasms and Seizures in Children with DS


Secrets to Social Success:  How to Make and Keep Friends

Anti-Bullying Law:  IEP and School Wide Strategies

Postsecondary Education, Employment and National Service

Education and Down Syndrome:  Translating Findings into Practice

All You Wanted to Know about the IEP

Determining the Right Educational Environment for Your Child


Gross Motor Skills and Down Syndrome

Toilet Training and Down Syndrome

Healthy Lifestyles

Behavior and Down Syndrome

Dual Diagnosis:  Down Syndrome and Autism

Down Syndrome and ADHD

Augmentative Communication Strategies


Transitions for Young Adults with DS

Financial Planning for Families

Guardianship and Alternatives

Special Needs Financial Planning

Applying for Masshealth:  Taking Out the Fear and Confusion


Your Baby's First Year:  What Should You Know!

Breastfeeding and Down Syndrome


Navigating a Prenatal Diagnosis of Down Syndrome


Sibling Issues:  What Your Other Children are Thinking