Dance Medicine Section | Patient Resources

Common Dance Injuries

Injuries incurred by dancers can be unique in nature and challenging to diagnose and treat. Our multidisciplinary team is specially equipped to diagnose and evaluate these injuries in full, including but not limited to:

   •    ACL injuries
   •    Ankle and foot injuries
   •    Back injuries
   •    Bone health
   •    FHL tendinitis
   •    Hip and pelvis injuries
   •    Hip impingement
   •    Labral tears
   •    Nutrition evaluation
   •    Os trigonum
   •    Posterior and anterior ankle impingement syndrome
   •    Sesamoiditis
   •    Spondylolysis
   •    Stress fractures

For more information, please download our Dance Injury Prevention guide sheet. 

Dance Symposium 2014 Videos

Watch videos from Boston Children’s 2014 Dance Symposium—The Evaluation, Treatment and Rehabilitation of the Dancer with an Injury to the Foot/Ankle—to learn more about:

•    common diagnoses of young dancers with foot/ankle pain
•    appropriate dance training and preparation for pointe work
•    clinical evaluation of the young dancer with foot/ankle pain