Complex Care Service

In Complex Care Service (CCS), our goal is to provide comprehensive, coordinated and centralized care for children with complex medical needs in collaboration with community and specialty providers.  Our team consists of experienced pediatricians, nurses, social workers, and administrative assistants.

What Do We Provide? 

  • Support in identifying comprehensive medical and developmental needs for patients  with complex medical conditions 

  • A centralized point of contact in the hospital and continuity of care in both outpatient and inpatient settings 

  • Communication among specialists, primary care physicians, home care agencies, educational institutions, and primary caregivers to support the medical and developmental needs of children in their communities. 

  • Connections with community-based resources such as home care companies, schools, daycare, state agencies and families to maximize quality of life for children with special health care needs. 

Who Benefits from CCS?

* Children with multi-system, complex medical conditions, often with technology dependence (such as g-tubes or tracheostomies) and often with neuro-developmental disabilities.

* Caregivers or families working to balance their child's healthcare needs and developmental goals.

* Professionals and caregivers partnering to individualize and streamline a child's health care planning.

Ongoing care

Children who are part of the CCS program have regular follow-up visits with their CCS physicians and continue to maintain relationships with their primary care providers.

The CCS team partners with each child's primary care provider and specialty providers to ensure comprehensive, coordinated and centralized medical care.

Need an appointment?

Talk to your primary care physician for a referral or call CCS at 617-355-6162.

Please be prepared to discuss your child's medical history.