Colorectal and Pelvic Malformation Center | Patient Stories

Faysal Colorectal PatientFocused on Faysal: From Saudi Arabia to Boston for reconnection surgery
In 2016, Faysal was visiting Massachusetts from Saudi Arabia when he got sick. What started as a stomachache soon worsened until the 12-year-old collapsed with severe abdominal pain. He and his father spent much of the next year away from home, seeking answers. 


Reagan Colorectal PatientBouncing back from a colorectal malformation: Reagan's Story
It's been challenging for Reagan's parents to explain to family and friends what a perineal fistula is and what treatment of this sensitive issue involves. "It's a really weird surgery to have to explain," her mom admits. "We initially weren't going to tell a lot of people." Then they found inspiration and hope from a surprising source. 


Savanna colorectal patientCarrying Savanna through her journey with cloacal malformation
Savanna is a rambunctious toddler who loves to ride around in her princess car, go to the beach and attend toddler tumbling class. What you don't know is she was born with a covered cloacal malformation. Learn how Dr. Belinda Dickie and the colorectal team got Savanna back on track towards a bright future.