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It's finally summer! Here are some tips to keep it a healthy and safe summer for your family.

Wear sunscreen! Use at least SPF 30, and reapply often, even if you're not getting wet. 

Stay hydrated. Water is best--make sure your child drinks before he gets thirsty. Bring water with you when you go out.

Be aware of signs of heat injury. If your child is dizzy, complaining of a headache or a stomachache, is sweating a lot or seems weak, get them somewhere shaded and cool, and get them something to drink. If ever your child--or anyone--who has been in a hot place develops hot, dry skin and seems disoriented or sleepy, call 911. This could be a sign of heat stroke, which is an emergency.

Never leave children (or pets) in the car on a hot (or even warm) day. Cars can get very hot very quickly, and heat stroke can happen.

Use insect repellent. This is the season for both mosquitoes and ticks. Repellents with DEET offer the best protection for both. The Environmental Protection Agency has a great tool for figuring out the best repellent for your situation. 

Be safe around water! Never leave children unsupervised around any water (including bathtubs). Swim where there is a lifeguard. If you have a pool, make sure it's entirely enclosed by a safety gate. If your children don't know how to swim, sign them up for lessons! 

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