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After a really long winter, it's finally spring! Here are a few tips to keep your child healthy at this time of year.

Get outside! We all need sunshine for our mental health and to help our bodies make Vitamin D. Go to the park, or just go for a walk. The exercise is good for you too!

Watch out for windows. Now is the time that people start opening windows--but if you have little children, they can be dangerous. Install window guards if you can. If you can't, open windows from the top and don't put furniture (like couches) in front of windows. 

Plan your garden! Growing vegetables is a great way to teach children about science and nutrition--and growing vegetables can make children more likely to eat them. If you don't have a yard, a sunny windowsill can be a good place to grow a few things--or look for community gardens. 

Plan your summer! Check out the City of Boston's Summer 2015 information at

Don't let allergies get you down! If your child suffers from allergies, keep the windows closed (and consider running an air conditioner). Have your child wash up and change when they come inside, and keep them out of the bedroom during the day (so that it's a pollen-free zone). Ask your doctor if medications would be a good idea for your child--and if your child has taken them and needs refills, give us a call!