Child Neurology Residency Training Program | People

Colleagues. Advisors. Lifelong friends. That’s how our residents describe each other and the Child Neurology faculty—many of whom were residents at Boston Children’s themselves.Doctor and Patient

Residency Program Leadership and Selection Committee

Scott_PomeroyScott Pomeroy MD, PhD
Chief of Neurology
Member, Resident Selection Committee





Mustafa_SahinMustafa Sahin, MD, PhD
Chair, Resident Selection Committee



David K. Urion, MD, FAAN
Director of Education and the Residency Training Programs in Child Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities



Kiran_MaskiKiran Maski, MD

Associate Program Director for Quality Improvement Education in Child Neurology and NDD Training Programs



Mark GormanMark Gorman, MD
Member, Resident Selection Committee



PoduriAnnapurna Poduri, MD, MPH
Member, Resident Selection Committee


April Levin MD

April Levin, MD
Member, Resident Selection Committee

Miya Bernson-Leung, MD, EdM
Associate Program Director of the Child
Neurology Training Program

Elizabeth Barkoudah, MD
Associate Program Director for the
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Training Program