Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program | Patient Stories

Too hip for dysplasia
The joy of welcoming a baby into your life is often paired with a major change in lifestyle. For the LoSurdo and Rohrick families, this came with the added difficulty of caring for a child with developmental hip dysplasia. 

Hunter’s story: Oh, the places he’ll go!
Hunter won't let cerebral palsy or hip dysplasia keep him from his active lifestyle. The fearless fourth grader loves to hike — an activity that had previously required the use of a walker. But now with his mobility service dog, Wendy, Hunter is active without a walker and has a partner to help him through surgery.

For a yogi, holistic medicine and surgery go hand in hand
After years of suffering form lower back and hip pain, Boston-area yogi David was diagnosed with bilateral hip impingement and labral tearing. Dr. Mininder Kocher performed two hip surgeries on David, who has learned much about how to help himself and others through his recovery. For David, giving in to pain and immobility was never an option.

A smiling Spider-Man, soccer and buses 
Grady was diagnosed with Legg-Calves-Perth disease at age 4. As he hobbled on his hip brace, he wove his way into the hearts of his Stratham, New Hampshire school community and developed a special bond with Dr. Benjamin Shore. Two years after his diagnosis, Grady was back on the soccer field from two years of total rest.

From torn labrum to Harvard hockey MVP
After a high-tech surgery and a four-month rehabilitation for a labral tear and FAI, it seemed like Harvard women’s ice hockey star Sarah would be lucky to just get back on the ice for her senior season. Not only did Sarah play, but she had a career-best season. Find out how Sarah tackled surgery and recovery.

Teen with hip dysplasia can't wait to return to hospital
Periacetabular osteotomy surgery for hip dysplasia can be rough. The recovery alone takes months of rest and physical therapy. Because of this, most patients who receive this surgery can’t wait to leave the hospital. But for Anna, a young adult from N.H., her feelings were different. Anna found her surgery fueled a passion for medicine.

Buddy system for hip dysplasia patients
When Babson College soccer player Kristina was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and required two major surgeries, Boston Children's connected her with Ally, another college athlete who had undergone a similar surgery — giving Kristina someone to support her through her two surgeries through the buddy system.

Helping a teenage athlete stay hip
When a surprise hip dysplasia diagnosis stopped 14-year-old Jenn in her tracks, she was devastated. An avid field hockey player from Gloversville, New York, Jenn felt lost when she was unable to play her sport. See how her two surgeries — one for each hip — gave her new opportunities.

Born to Run: How hip dysplasia surgery got this patient moving
Angela was 5 years old at the time she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Her experience would involve a complex surgery, a stuffed bear with a matching cast, and a new, limp-free run. Read a first-hand account from her mother, Vivian who describes the experience through diagnosis, treatment and recovery.