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Hip Conditions: Strengthening Physician-Patient Communication

A clinical visit for a patient with a hip condition can often lead to an overwhelming amount of information. To help reduce confusion and concerns of miscommunication between physician and patient, Boston Children’s Child & Young Adult Hip Preservation Program has created a series of patient information sheets patients can take home.

These sheets provide patients and their families with clinically-accurate information on the condition, treatment and recovery, and contain original illustrations that are anatomically accurate for children, infants and adolescents.

We’ve found these sheets enhance communication and increase efficiency in our clinics. Patient information sheets include the following conditions:

Feel free to download any or all of these patient information sheets and use them in your clinic. Our goal is to always be advancing patient care, and we’re glad to have you be a part of that journey.

If you would like to refer a patient to Boston Children’s Child & Young Adult Hip Preservation Program, call 617-355-6021.