Cerebral Palsy Program Orthotics, Braces and Casts

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Orthotics Braces and Casts

Orthotics are designed to help provide support to weak muscles and lessen the risk of joint deformity. There are a variety of orthotics made from a number of different materials. The goal is to use an orthotic which can give support depending on a child's pattern of movement and be comfortable. Examples include:

   •    ankle foot orthoses (AFO's)
   •    leg braces or casts
   •    hand splints
   •    soft body jackets

National Orthotics and Prosthetics Corporation (NOPCO)

Children's physicians and the NOPCO team work together to provide specialized braces to help your child walk, or to maintain proper position if your child is not ambulatory. Many types of braces are available, each to serve a different function. One may assist a child in walking; another may hold a hip in place, even if the child does not have the potential to walk. Frequently, braces are used to support a spinal curvature, which is sometimes found in a child with cerebral palsy.

NOPCO is conveniently located on Hunnewell One. For more information on services provided by NOPCO please call (617) 355-6887.

Cast Room

Specialized technicians will assist the physician in applying and removing casts. A relatively new procedure involves injecting Botox® into tight muscle tissue. Botox® softens the tissue so that the contracted muscle can be stretched in order to achieve greater range of motion.

After the injection, a cast is applied to keep the muscle elongated. This serial casting technique frequently requires a new cast every week for two or three weeks. At each cast change the muscle is stretched further until maximum range of motion is achieved. The last cast in the series is then removed and reconditioned into a removable cast. The patient can then wear the cast nightly to maintain the corrected position.

The Cast Room is conveniently located in the Orthopedic Center on Fegan 2.

Cast care and maintenance

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