Center for Airway Disorders (CAD) Your Visit

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Contact the Center for Airway Disorders

How do I make an appointment?

To request an appointment for your child, please call 617-355-3795.

When you call, it will be determined if our center is appropriate for your child.  If it is, an appointment will be arranged to meet with one of our Boston Children's specialists during the next available time.  Other appointments (Allergy, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Feeding Evaluation, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Pulmonary/Respiratory, etc.) can be coordinated if they are indicated.  

What if I’m coming from far away?

As many families do not live in the Boston area, our center tries to limit the number of times a family must travel to the Center for Airway Disorders (CAD).  Often we are able arrange an appointment on the same day as any other appointments you may require at Boston Children's.  Similarly, if your child does need a procedure, we work with other Boston Children's providers to ensure that he is placed under anesthesia as little as possible.  Often times the physicians will join together in the operating room to carry out their evaluations and/or procedures.

Additionally, Boston Children’s Hospital has a wonderful resource in the Center for Families.  During your time in Boston, you can use this facility to research hospital and community resources, to access your e-mail, to learn more about family to family support, among many other things.  On this site you will also find information on housing in the Longwood Medial Area, special accommodations, local hotels, and the Patient Family Housing program.

What should I bring to the appointment?

Please bring any relevant outside clinical information with you that will help us provide your child with the best possible care.  These may include MRIs, X-rays, CT scans, pathology studies, operating room notes, or doctor’s clinic notes. 

It is best to send these materials to our office prior to the appointment, so that we may have adequate time to review your child’s medical history.  You can fax them to 617-730-0337 or mail them to:

Center for Airway Disorders
Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Enhancement
300 Longwood Avenue, LO-367
Boston, MA 02115

When you call to arrange your appointment, our program coordinator will also review this information.

How long will my appointment take?

For a new patient evaluation, you can expect an appointment time of approximately 1 hour.  However, as every patient is different, your appointment length may vary depending on your child’s needs.

For a return patient visit, you can expect an appointment time of approximately 30 minutes.  Again, this time may vary. We do our very best to have patients seen at the time they are scheduled for. 

What happens during the appointment?

When you walk off the elevator into our clinic, you will be greeted by our front desk staff and asked to fill out some paperwork. One of our clinical assistants to have your child’s height and weight taken, as well as his vital signs.  Once you are in the exam room, you will meet with one of our physician assistants and/or nurses.  Attending physicians will later join them in the room to examine your child. Additionally, there are feeding and swallowing specialists in the clinic to discuss any feeding or drinking difficulties your child may be having.  At the end of your appointment, our medical team will discuss their recommendation(s) with you regarding your child’s treatment.  They will make sure to address any questions or concerns you might have at that time.

As part of Boston Children’s Hospital’s commitment to the education of future clinicians, you may also meet with our fellows and residents during your clinic visit. 

What happens after the appointment?

At the end of your appointment, our medical team will discuss their recommendations with you.  If a follow up appointment is recommended, you will be contacted to set up your next appointment.  If a procedure is indicated, this will also be discussed at the end of your appointment.  Please see below for a more comprehensive description of that process.  Lastly, if our clinic recommends a consultation with another service inside the hospital, we are happy to assist in the arrangement of that appointment.

Sometimes parents have questions, or medical concerns, after their appointment.  Whatever your concern may be, you can always contact our clinic at 617-355-3795. 

During your appointment, our medical team will discuss at length the details of any recommended surgical procedure.  The risks and benefits will be addressed as well as other conservative options.  We understand that finding out your child may need surgery is a sometimes frightening experience, which is why we make sure to provide you with all of your options, and a description of why, or why not, the procedure is indicated.

You will speak with our nurses to review your child’s medical history in preparation for the procedure, and we will arrange a formal pre-operative appointment with the Boston Children's Anesthesia Department for your child.  Typically, our OR scheduler will meet with you and your child during the clinic visit to coordinate a procedure date that works for your family.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the surgical procedure, we strongly encourage families to call our office.  Amanda Didas, our physician assistant, is always available to discuss these with you.

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- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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