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The Center for Airway Disorders (CAD) at Boston Children's Hospital cares for infants, children and young adults with airway conditions, ranging from very common to extremely rare and complex. Our doctors treat hundreds of patients each year with airway disorders, offering minimally invasive techniques whenever possible. Our team has the knowledge and skill that only time and experience can provide.

Once a week, our team meets with specialists from across Boston Children's to discuss individual patients and their diagnoses. During this conference, doctors from different disciplines share their expertise so that our center can establish a better understanding of each child’s needs and create the most effective treatment plans possible. 

Advanced Airway Disorder Treatments at Boston Children’s Hospital

Our airway disorder treatments include the most effective surgical approaches available, helping children born with a disorder of the trachea to breath, eat and swallow normally.

Airway disorder treatments include:

  • Laryngotracheoplasty: Surgical repair of airway stenosis (narrowing), during which the narrowed diameter of the windpipe (trachea) is enlarged by inserting an elliptical piece of cartilage (taken from your child’s rib or ear, depending on the size of cartilage needed).
  • Segmental Tracheal Resection: During this procedure, surgeons remove the defective tracheal segment and then repair the airway by suturing (attaching) the remaining ends together.
  • Cricotracheal resection: A procedure in which the scar tissue and most of the ring-shaped cartilage of the larynx is cut out and the normal trachea is brought up to replace it. 
  • Slide tracheoplasty:  A procedure done when a narrowing of the long segment of the trachea is present. Our surgeons are experts in this complex procedure to make the airway larger.
  • Minimally invasive treatments: Our airway disorders team has the expertise to treat airway disorders with minimally invasive procedures that many other hospitals can’t do.
  • Supraglottoplasty: A surgical treatment that involves cutting the folds of tissue to open the supraglottic airway (the area above the vocal chords).

Why Choose Boston Children’s for Airway Disorders Treatment

Families come to Boston Children’s Airway Disorders Center for our:

  • Unmatched surgical expertise: If your child requires minimally invasive or open surgery, you want them to have the very best care possible. Not only does our team provide expertise in the most advanced surgical techniques, our Center is co-directed by an otolaryngologist and a cardiothoracic surgeon who specialize in treating disorders of the airway in children.
  • Collaborative approach to care: Our team works closely with 13 departments and/or divisions and more than 40 specialists throughout Boston Children’s, making it possible for patients and their families to receive prompt, specialized care for any type of airway disorder, no matter how simple, complex or rare. Our program coordinator will also communicate with your doctors and specialists back home to ensure seamless care at every step of your journey.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment or speak with a member of our team, please call 617-355-3795.

International Patients

For families residing outside of the United States, please call Boston Children's International Health Services at +01-617-355-5209.

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