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The clinic's multidisciplinary team assists with the medical, developmental, educational and emotional needs of children and adults with Williams syndrome. During a first visit evaluation, you and your child will meet with up to 10 specialists, all of whom have extensive experience and expertise caring for people with Williams syndrome. In order to accommodate all of your appointments, we sometimes schedule you to come in three days in row.

Written evaluation

Each clinician who examines your child will send a written evaluation to you, your child's pediatrician, your child's school and any other doctors or caregivers that you request.

The written evaluation will summarize your child's visit with the clinician and offer recommendations for future care, as well as additional services that may be of help.

Team meeting

In addition to the written evaluations, the clinicians come together at the end of the child's visit for a "team meeting." In the meeting, each clinician discusses the visit and proposes recommendations to the larger group.

The team brainstorms the most beneficial social, emotional, medical and educational services for your child. After the team meeting, parents have the opportunity to meet with one member of the team to go over a comprehensive summary of their visit. At this time, the clinic may make additional recommendations. The meeting can take place in person or over the phone, depending on your schedule.


The clinic's commitment to your child's health and well-being doesn’t end when the visit ends. The clinic provides a variety of follow-up care and assistance, whether you live in Boston or elsewhere.

Some families use the clinic as a one-time evaluative service, although many families return for periodic follow-up evaluations and ongoing services. For example, a child may need annual cardiac work-ups or monthly speech therapy.

Such follow-up care can be provided at Boston Children's with the same clinicians your child saw during her visit. If you are coming from out of town and find it difficult to get into the city, we can make recommendations for follow-up services that are more convenient.

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