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We offer free and confidential HIV Rapid Testing to teens and young adults ages 13 and older, so you can get your results the same day that you come in to get tested. A member of our team will prick your finger with a very small needle, and we use a drop of your blood to run the test right here. You can know your results in only 20 minutes. And if you are HIV positive, we can help make sure you get into care and receive the services and support you need. 

Testing is safe and easy:

  • Testing is FREE for ALL teens and young adults, ages 13 and older.

  • It's confidential. No one will know.

  • You may have a blood test, or an oral fluid test if you don't like needles.

  • You do not need permission from your parent or guardian to get tested.

  • You can now get your results the same day with an HIV Rapid Test Click here for frequently asked questions about HIV Rapid Testing.

  • You may also be eligible to receive free STI testing. Click here for more information.

Plus, counselors are on hand during your HIV test to answer all of your questions, including:

  • How to reduce your risk for HIV

  • What to do if you have tested positive for HIV

  • How to help a friend who may have HIV

  • How to help a family member who may have HIV

  • How to have safe sex and healthy relationships

  • Where to get emergency "morning after" contraception treatment

For Youth at Risk for HIV, STIs, and Viral Hepatitis

  • Free HIV counseling and testing (also available for adults, ages 13 and older)

  • Free STI and Viral Hepatitis Screening and Referrals for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C 

  • Free male and female condoms, lube, and other risk reduction and educational materials

  • Referrals for birth control, family planning, mental health, substance abuse counseling and other services

  • Post-exposure prophylaxis and HIV testing, follow-up and counseling for young people exposed to HIV through sex or needles or who are victims of sexual assault.

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