Boston Children's Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships | School-Based Initiatives

About School-Based Initiatives 

The School-Based Initiative includes partnerships with seven K-5, K-8 and high schools in Boston.  Boston Children’s Hospital social workers and psychologists work onsite to provide clinical, early intervention, and prevention and promotion services to students, and social, emotional and behavioral health training and consultation to school staff.  Family engagement is a critical component of BCHNP’s work in schools. 

BCHNP reaches approximately 1,300 students and provides over 600 hours of training and consultation to school staff and families/caregivers annually. 

List of Partnering Schools for 2017/2018:

  1. Boston Arts Academy
  2. Boston Latin School
  3. Match Community Day School
  4. Match Charter Public Middle School
  5. Match Charter Public High School
  6. Patrick Lyndon Pilot School
  7. Charles Sumner Elementary School

In 2015, BCHNP expanded its efforts to build the capacity of partner schools through launching a new initiative, the Clough Foundation Training and Access Project (TAP), which aims to address students’ social, emotional, and behavioral health needs by supporting the development of sustainable systems to meet these needs.

Please download our annual report or contact BCHNP to learn more about this initiative.