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ASD Resources for Families

Our general Patient Resources page lists the hospital’s many family support services and information to help you plan the logistics of your visit, including nearby food and transportation options, ATM locations and more. The Autism Spectrum Center offers many additional resources:

My Hospital Story

To reassure children and help them anticipate what to expect when they come to the hospital, we’ve put together a series of virtual “walk-throughs” of our various clinics and locations, with photos of the places they’ll be seeing and stories about what will happen—starting with entering our sometimes busy lobby.

If you'd like to view our stories on our mobile app, click here: My Hospital Story Mobile App.

Tips and information for children with ASD

autism email messaging

If your child is newly diagnosed with ASD, you can sign up here,or click the "Stay informed" icon to the left, to receive informational emails throughout the year, providing advice, tips for managing difficult situations, links to useful information and notices of upcoming events. Just ask your provider. These tips can also be accessed directly—see the menu of topics in our library.

Resource specialists

The Autism Spectrum Center has dedicated resource specialists to help families navigate support systems and resources in their community.

Autism Community Lecture Series

These evening lectures, held at our main campus in Boston, offer practical expert advice and tips on Individual Education Plans (IEPs), toilet training, feeding, sleep problems, communications technology and more. 

TriVox Health

TriVox Health (formerly know as ICISS Health) is a Web-based system that allows you and your child’s teachers to track your child’s ASD symptoms. The information can be viewed by your child’s care team and even graphed to easily see trends over time. This easy-to-use system allows more visit time to be spent on your concerns and questions. Read more about TriVox Health.

General Information/Resources:

These organizations provide excellent information about ASD and many helpful resources.

Autism Speaks

American Academy of Pediatrics