Feature Matching Considerations


It is always the goal to minimize the need for a person with ALS to learn new software and page layout/organization if new technology is needed due to changes in motor status.  

A feature match of best tools and strategies to the needs of a person (who they are today and who they may be tomorrow) is a critical part of the assessment process.

Using the same message bank pages and communication page layout on different platforms accommodating different access methods


DIRECT SELECTION is not the same for everybody.    An assessment must consider access that minimizes energy and fatigue and takes advantage of a person's strengths and preferences.     Using an app that offers the features and matches the needs of an individual and then enabling a SWYPE keyboard to address best physical access was key to this feature match.


While functionally using a Boogie Board for writing and text to speech on both a phone and ipad, assessing the use of Alphacore low tech board AND (as demonstrated here) software on a Surface Pro 4.  Further, assessing value of stylus vs finger selection