Speech Generating Devices

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There are many different speech generating devices (SGD) available with new technologies being released regularly.    A thorough assessment following a feature matching process must be conducted as communication and physical access needs become evident.


While our program has 'proactive' as a mantra, it is critical that the best 'feature match' occur to identify and address real needs when they occur.     This means one should be assessed with and trial multiple SGD options.

One should not acquire an SGD TOO early.   Reasons for this are numerous and include:

    • An early acquired SGD may not meet the specific skills and strengths of a person when a device is authentically needed.

    • A device acquired too early may not represent 'the best technology of the day' when a person legitimately needs to use it for communication.

    • An SGD acquired too early may be out of warranty when someone really needs to use it.