Partner assisted spelling (and more!)

The best time to learn any strategy is BEFORE it is neededThis is true for partner-assisted spelling too. Of course, it can be introduced at any time but we certainly encourage you to be proactive if possible!

WHY do you want to learn partner assisted scanning? It is all about options! No one communication strategy, no matter how sophisticated, can be used in all situations. Positioning, lighting, noise, the environment...they all play a role!

"We practiced it {partner assisted spelling} before he needed it and then we used it in all of the critical moments of communication. It has been our go-to method for in the moment communication. He is really good at giving me the key words too so we get to the heart of the matter quickly. Now, we don't even use the card {the actual AEIOU board} because we have both memorize it. We use it in the van, in the shower, in critical moments" AF, wife of PF

Click HERE to download your own copy of our A-E-I-O-U/Body/Pain scale book.

Click below to watch a video demonstrating a proactive introduction of PARTNER ASSISTED SPELLING