Aerodigestive Center | Patient Stories

Andrew Aerodigestive PatientAndrew's story: Gold medalist kicks aerodigestive problems
Like many families of chronically sick children, Andrew’s parents and sister often found themselves at the mercy of his asthma and aerodigestive problems. Learn how expert care helped reduce his visits to the ER from three dozen to just one.


Jack Aerodigestive PatientTaking a leap of faith: Jack says goodbye to his G-tube
As they waited for Jack’s appointment, his parents had no indication that July 17, 2018, would be different from any other day. But Dr. Rachel Rosen of the Aerodigestive Center was about to surprise them.


Esme Aerodigestive PatientInvesting in Esme: More than aerodigestive care
As a baby, Esmé aspirated so severely that she went into cardiac and respiratory arrest. Today, this determined little girl still faces complex medical challenges, but her parents say that they've found an ally in Dr. Rachel Rosen.