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Read how the innovative care of the AFCC has made the difference in the lives of babies featured in these news articles:


Stitch In Time: Fixing A Heart Defect Before Birth
From National Public Radio
AFCC co-director and cardiology Wayne Tworetzkty, MD explains a stunning, and stunningly precise, fetal intervention: one designed to help a heart on the road to a hypoplastic left ventricle take a turn for the better. 



Lessons of a Cleft Lip
From The New York Times
AFCC consulting specialist John Mulliken, MD, helped turn the Olivas' devastation into a blessing.




Featured on WBZ-TV
Medical Miracles at Boston Children's Hospital saved two unborn twins with a serious fetal situation. Lisa Hughes reports.



Fetal Firsts
Featured in Pediatric Views
When Stephanie Villers started to have contractions at just 16 weeks gestation, her doctors discovered that her twin boys were suffering from twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). Learn how a groundbreaking collaborative procedure saved them.


New birth defect treatment studied
Featured in The Boston Globe
Researchers are trying to fix birth defects by using a fetus's own cells to grow replacement parts in the lab.




Giving our tiniest patients a chance at a healthy heart
Featured in Newsweek
Meet Camryn Paske, now an active 1-year-old, who was diagnosed with aortic stenosis while in the womb.



Sweet Smile of Success

From Children's News
In the spring of 2002, with Tricia just four months into her second pregnancy, their local obstetrician indicated that an ultrasound had revealed a sizable, solid mass growing from their baby girl's mouth. Scared and uncertain, the couple turned to Boston Children's Hospital to determine what this meant for their unborn child.

When Nine Months is a Lifetime
From Dream magazine
The Methven family was devastated when they learned that their unborn son had a mass on his head. Was it cancer, a potentially deadly vascular anomaly or a hemangioma that would go away on its own?

Operation on Fetus's Heart Valve Called a 'Science Fiction' Success
From The New York Times
In September 2001, doctors at Children's performed the first successful fetal heart surgery in United States history.

The graft that keeps on giving
From Dream Magazine
When Dario Fauza, MD, came to Children's from Brazil as a young surgeon, he fully intended to return home when his fellowship ended. But then he cared for a baby who changed the course of his career.

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