Bash III: Beverages and Societal Health Study

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We appreciate your interest in BASH III. We are no longer recruiting, but encourage you to check back for more participation opportunities. 

Beverages and Societal Health Study Information

For 18 to 40 year old men and women

  • Do you drink at least one soda, sports drink,  fruit punch or energy drink every day? Are you a healthy 18-40 year old?
  • This 12-month study investigates the effect of beverages on weight and cardiovascular disease risk.
  • You would get: Beverage deliveries to your home and American Express gift cards worth up to $300

Participants receive:

  • One year of free beverages delivered to your home
  • American Express gift cards totaling $300 for the full study
  • A comprehensive body composition report including changes in body fat, lean mass and body shape plus blood pressure and cholesterol levels

We’ll meet with you to explain the study, then for a pre-study health check to gather your body composition and heart disease risk data.  Finally, you’ll come in for a delicious and nutritious breakfast followed by a drink preference tasting.  

We will also randomly assign you to one of 3 beverage groups, sugar sweetened, unsweetened or artificially sweetened.  At the end of the 12-month study, we’ll update your body composition and heart disease risk data and develop your personalized report.

Parking vouchers or T fares will be provided for all 5 study visits.

During the study period, you will simply drink the beverage for your study group at the same rate you drink sugary beverages now. We’ll call you periodically to check in and take your order for beverages to be delivered to you.

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For more information:

Call: 617-355-2500

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