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Parent Q&A: Tips for Home Parenteral Nutrition

At 1-day-old, Lenox was diagnosed with midgut volvulus. After several intestinal surgeries, he went home with his parents on home parenteral nutrition (HPN) management at 3-months-old. HPN has allowed the now 13-month-old get the nutrients he needs in the comfort of his own home. In this blog, Lenox's mother, Frannie, shares HPN challenges, benefits and tips from her own family's experiences.

Life with total parenteral nutrition

Peter was born with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in his liver, meaning his veins and arteries weren’t connected properly. When he was just seven months old, the AVM completely disrupted the blood flow to his liver and small intestine, causing multiple holes in his small intestine. He became gravely ill after that. Peter receives all his nutrients intravenously (IV), through a medication called total parenteral nutrition (TPN). In this blog, Peter's mother describes a typical day caring for Peter.

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