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Aiden and Aiden dollCelebrating Aiden and Aiden: Making a difference for kids with limb differences
November 19, 2015
Read about Aiden, who has a limb difference--a radial ray deficiency. This feisty five-year-old doesn't let it slow him down. He can even peel a banana faster than his younger brother, and his family is raising awareness about limb differences. Read more...

JessicaHouston girl with cleft hand plays piano and wows surgeon
July 30, 2015

Though Jessica was born with a cleft hand she has mastered piano and more. Listen to her play and read her story. Read more...

JuliaNever say never: Gymnast with brachial plexus soars
May 19, 2015

Julia suffered a brachial plexus injury during birth, but that hasn't stopped her. Read about her care at Boston Children's Hospital Orthopedic Center. Read more...

JenWounded warriors show life without limits 
November 11, 2014

Summer camp was not on 10-year-old Jen’s wish list. She never dreamed that going to Wounded Warrior Softball Kids Camp would change her life completely. Read how she learned to accept herself and how she is committed to helping other child amputees. Read more...

KailynFive things about living with Erb’s Palsy that you probably won’t find on Google
May 27, 2014

Sixteen-year-old Kailyn Looby is a Boston Children’s Hospital patient with a brachial plexus injury who refuses to let the injury slow her down . The active teenager shares some wise words to help other children with the condition thrive. Read more...

MichelleBrachial plexus surgery helps tot give first hug 
February 19, 2014

“When I first met Dr. Waters, I felt like he was an angel. I knew we were in the right place and in the right hands,” recalls Jonathan Mora. Jonathan, his wife and their 6-month-old daughter had endured a bumpy ride since her birth.Read more... 


Johanna Krayeski recovers after surgeryJohanna’s story: brachial plexus can’t keep her down
December 10, 2013
Like most new parents, we eagerly waited for nine months to meet our little troublemaker, wondering if she would have blue eyes like daddy or green ones like mommy, if she would have hair or be bald, what it would feel like to hold her in our arms. The words that came out of our doctor’s mouth a few hours after our daughter was born were the last ones we expected: “brachial plexus injury.” Read more...

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